It really hit me that soon I'll be moving on with life. That not only do I have to begin taking care of my family, but that I'll have one of my own, eventually. It's bitter sweet to think that but it never really hit me until tonight. Something - a switch, turned on that turning point.


Gazing Back

The sun was setting and it was a wonderful day. I saw a man with a familiar face. One that I've seen too many times before and wanted to mistaken for someone else. But I looked at him and he looked at me. I couldn't rid the facial expression I had while looking at him. … Continue reading Gazing Back

Internal Reality

I decided to meet Kai at Lacma Plaza. It’s where we first met. My heart was beating so fast I could feel it come out through my chest. The recurring thoughts of how consistent I was in the relationship. Like all the times I went over to his home and had dinner with his family, … Continue reading Internal Reality