I just ate my homework

My message to all students of all kinds: Take care of yourself and your well being and mental capacity. Don't skip out on things that mean the most to you or that will become something of importance. Because then maybe you might just realize that the one thing you missed could have been part of your identity.


This Delicate Place

As they walk away the estranged feeling of two strangers strained of stressors Connected by the energy by one another that they are missing The steady pace Steady existence of finding inner peace within chaos Enlightenment begins as the shadows rise with the sun The beat of their steps synchronized with the paplitations of the … Continue reading This Delicate Place

March Madness Weekend 1

I never had a good relationship with my mother. I could never say the heart-felt things that other girls said about their mothers. But this weekend had made me realize how amazing my mom is, well okay, she's still amazing because she deals with my craziness too. Besides that, attending the Woman's leadership retreat made me realize that I too have a mother I can say I am proud to be the daughter of.