It really hit me that soon I'll be moving on with life. That not only do I have to begin taking care of my family, but that I'll have one of my own, eventually. It's bitter sweet to think that but it never really hit me until tonight. Something - a switch, turned on that turning point.


Gazing Back

The sun was setting and it was a wonderful day. I saw a man with a familiar face. One that I've seen too many times before and wanted to mistaken for someone else. But I looked at him and he looked at me. I couldn't rid the facial expression I had while looking at him. … Continue reading Gazing Back

March Madness Weekend 1

I never had a good relationship with my mother. I could never say the heart-felt things that other girls said about their mothers. But this weekend had made me realize how amazing my mom is, well okay, she's still amazing because she deals with my craziness too. Besides that, attending the Woman's leadership retreat made me realize that I too have a mother I can say I am proud to be the daughter of.