Murder May !

Okay, I know it’s kind of late to be writing this … actually it’s never too late.

So what happened in May? Well lets just say I murdered my finals and got the best outcome that I could. I got good grades, just not the grades that I wanted. I was so close to making Deans list! Just thinking back at what had set me back from reaching my goal bothered me so much. But I’ve learned a lot about how one little thing is really life changing.

After all of that I started looking for a new job. On top of that job search I couldn’t forget that I already had 2 jobs. Serving at Osaka and independently contracted as a Legal Assistant. The work wasn’t there for me when I needed it so, I literally applied to 8+ plus jobs and got 4 call backs for interviews and a job on the spot/over the phone and another right after that one too! Sounds like a job well done huh? Well let me tell you, it was! Sitting for a couple hours for a couple of days applying to 10-15 different jobs and hearing back from only like 6 that I did apply to felt exhausting and I hated it. It’s not that easy once I start going into details. Out of luck and previous experience with whatever I had on my resume/cover letter got me the job or interview.

This was my second job hunt I’ve ever done before and it was not fun, but I learned a lot. I learned that I had to push away my pride and expectations for myself and look for something that I could easily get. Meaning that I was looking at starting at the bottom … again! Which I was okay with because I was content with my life and the jobs I had currently. I wasn’t worried. Partially because the only bills I had to worry about were credit card bills and my student loans/bills. So, I guess you could say I have it easy. But the pressure I put on myself to succeed definitely hits home when I’m looking for a job because I’m building my experience or either building up to it to make it count for my family.

What I’ve also learned from this experience was that once one door had open another one eventually opens as well. And it really made sense when people said that the jobs you get are through your networks.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that the jobs I have now are through networks that I’ve built, but through luck and chance. They eventually did open up opportunities to other jobs and that’s when other jobs started coming my way.

One job interview that I got in particular was something that I wanted in my field. But after going through the interview and thinking about how qualified I could be for the position that didn’t need any previous experience made me realize something about myself. I realized that I didn’t need to rush into something like that while I could still have the time to enjoy my college life before I get into the real world. I already had enough experience in the field as of now to be able to hold enough credentials after I graduate from college. I was okay with getting rejected after hearing back from them because I knew that when I was ready and out of school I could be where I wanted to be if I just kept it up. All I had to do was focus and keep my goals in mind to reach it.

So, now I’m currently waiting on another Paralegal Temp. job to head my way while working with the attorney I am independently contracted with and serving at Osaka. If those don’t work out, I have a temp agency that’s willing to sign me up for any temp job or even something for long term. And literally just as I was getting ready to finish this blog my attorney I’m working for was the one who sent my contact over for the Paralegal Temp. job I’m waiting on.

It’s been quite a journey, but if I wanted you to take one thing out of this is that start somewhere where you’re comfortable and where you will be able to succeed and gain experience. Be happy you received the position/job you did, because eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.


❤ Nkaujyees



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