March Madness Weekend 2

This was a mad week before the mad weekend even began.

Reflecting back on the weekend I’ve learned a lot about myself, people, my dreams, and goals.

I felt burning out, but something told me to hold on to the plans I had for myself to accomplish. It was easy to catch the feeling of burning out and just giving up, but just looking at the brighter side of things made the passion stay lit just for a bit longer. It literally felt like it was on a piece of thread.

I don’t know how it works, but telling myself to keep holding on and believing in myself helped keep the passion going. During the weekend while attending HMLC at the U of M (Shout out to HMSA for hosting!) I was enlightened by all the new people I met. If it wasn’t for meeting them, I definitely would have burnt out and given up. But, going to the event made me realize other people had the same feeling and passions as I did to help their community and peers.

But, ending on a good note as well. I’m 20 1/2 today! Yay! 6 more months to the big 21! But my one goal for now (before I hit the oh big 21) that I set for myself during this weekend is to begin to “Move”. To execute my plans to help the Hmong Youth in better education and personal/professional growth before I turn 21!  I wish and hope that the younger generation can be one step ahead of us to accomplish more and get across the cultural identity mess that I and many others are also in today.

I can’t knock myself down just yet. Until then, stay tuned for my March Madness Weekend 3 when I head to Mexico!

❤ Nkaujyees




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