Day Dreaming

I stepped upstairs into the attic that had it’s own living space just to crawl into a cubby hole that led to another room with two mattresses. The room was bright in color, green mat on one side, gray on the other, and gray beds. Each side of the closed room had it’s own personality. I threw my stuff in there, confused why the room was within a room and had a cubby whole as an entrance. I guess that’s what I thought a house for college kids was suppose to really be like. I came back downstairs to the living space to leave out the front door, the living room barely fit two love seats and a table for the TV. I could see the kitchen lights on behind me through the left corner of my eye. But I found it so outrageous that four people could live like that.

I walked outside and saw that the house was right next to the leasing house. As I was looking at the house from the side, it was an old Victorian styled home with a yellowish-creme color to it. It had white pillars in the front entrance. I was confused. I asked myself, “How do you have parties living right next to the leasing house?”  I walked across the street backwards facing the Victorian house to get to the car where they were waiting for me.

I could see that college house with the rooms that still confused me. As I walked along, their two beautiful white terriers ran at me jumping on me with joy, their scratches nearly creating marks. I was calm as ever, still stunned at how the college house looked. I got in the car and sat in the middle back seat. My dad adjusted his mirror, all I could see was the corner of my dads right ear and the left side of my moms pulled back hair.

“Let’s go on a joy ride, Jess!” said, my dad.

But, what about him and his parents?

I woke up so emotionally and mentally drained. But it felt good? It was calming.

I felt checked out all day.

As I sat in class, I felt my heart racing. The anxiety creeping up on me. I was out of reality and into another one. I was stuck in the dream, moving my able body around all day thinking about the very thing that made me simply choose to skip class and almost miss my meeting.

I tried snapping out of it, but I just didn’t allow myself to just ignore it.

I realized that I was really confused about the whole dream itself from the get go. Why I was there, why the certain people were there, how vivid the dream really was, literally as if I was there. Literally, for some reason, I knew the dream was suppose to begin that way and end that way.



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