I came back to a town I dreaded for the first time.

Dewy, gray, wet, windy, and cold. I looked outside my car door with such resentment. As I leaned my head onto the car door window I was hoping to see the sun shine and smile on Kenwood Ave. I could feel the sorrow all around me and the slow paced lives in Duluth.

I never wanted to go back.

The day came when I faced my fear and returned to the place I was afraid to feel murkiness.

Walking out of the hotel I could smell the fresh air and a new beginning. Every step I took I looked at everything with beauty and happiness.

The trees along the highways were green, flowers bloomed yellow and gold, the city lived with the sun smiling and the wind whistling through my hair. The cold nights feeling warm on my open skin with excitement.

Listening to Lake Superior with tourists and Duluth-ians walking by the waterfront with their dogs, families, strollers, and joggers.

I jumped into the cold serene water feeling the warm waters with the fishy smell.

I came out from under the dull city into a city with life, meaning, and happiness.


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