To Unknown

I can’t wait for the day when someone see’s my worth and

You were the best thing that has ever happened to me. 

to put in the effort I used to put in so effortlessly.

I realized what you were trying to do and tell me 

The time that I had everyday to think about something,

After I decided to let go it hit me 

someone so reluctantly. It made me feel love.

I knew I loved you since the day I met you 

I was missing it for myself. Until then,

I miss you. Will you come back so I can hold you? 

I realized my worth in my own heart.

I want another chance at us and you 

I’m ready for the day when someone will go out of their way

To do the things for us, our future and yours 

To risk everything they have because they know it will be worth it.

To die knowing that I tried at something great,  

In the end, what matters is that they feel the trust,

I’m sorry I let go because I didn’t know how

envy, hope, love and fear — to lose something that they know will hold on.

I hope all is well and now you know, 

Take me for granted, I do dare.

I’d do anything to take it back and watch us grow.


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